7 May 2014

My First Ever MAC Haul

Yep this is my first ever MAC haul. I have used MAC make up in the past but its always been when someone has brought it as a present. As much as I have loved everything I have used, I just cant handle handing over so much money for make up. But when my aunt told me she was going to visit my  cousin in the US and she asked if there was anything she wanted me to pick up, the first thing that came to mind was MAC :), as its so much cheaper out there.

So I picked up quite a bit but I saved so much money. First up I got the Pro Palette Large Single and the Pro Palette x15 insert. The palette was $8 and the insert was just £2. The two here would have cost £20.50. I only own two MAC eye shadows at the min which I have to de-pot but I got this as its so much cheaper in the US and will also give me a good excuse to stock up on some new eyeshadow ;-)

Next I went for two of the Mineralize Skin Finishes, $32 each. I got one in soft and glow and one in medium deep. I hope to use these for contouring :). Here these cost  £22 each.

One of the presents I previously got from a friend from MAC was one of their blushers and I have to say its probably the best blusher I have ever had. I already have quite a few blushers though so I just got the one, in Ambering Rose for $21. Here is would be £18.

To apply the blush I got the 129 powder/blush brush for $35, here its £27. To be honest this isn't as soft as I thought it would be but I haven't used it yet so it may surprise me.

Lastly but not least, I got 3 yes 3 lipsticks. I have been wanting to try them forever as all beauty bloggers rave about them. So I picked up the Ruby Woo, Hug Me and Shy Girl. I thought I would  go for three different finishes so one of these is matte, one is a lustre and one a creamsheen. I am really looking forward to trying these. These cost $16 each, here they are £15 each.

So that's everything I go. In total I paid $194, in UK pounds that's £115. If I had got it all here it would have to over £155. To me this is a pretty big difference. 

What would you recommend I try from MAC?


5 May 2014

My Favourite Blog of All Time......Easy

My entry for Currys' wonderblog competition, I'd like to win HP Envy Recline 23-m120ea Beats Edition. You can enter here! Ends Tues 6th May.

I saw a post over on Kerralina's blog about the Curry's wonderblog competition and straight away new who I would chose as my favorite blog to enter. Heronine in Heels

I've been reading this blog for quite a long time now and have fallen in love with it more and more. I am a massive foodie and love to find out about new places to eat. Myself and Laura seem to have the same taste in food as I am a massive meat lover although if I am honest I will eat most thing.

Bonnie Gull (4)
She seems to love seafood just as much though from the looks of this picture :)

I find Heroine in Heels to be one of the best lifestyle bloggers around and although she has a good number of followers, I really do not think she has as many as she deserves. As honestly her reviews are really well written, they keep you engaged and 9 times out of 10 I am left wanting to visiting the place she has been talking about. And when it comes to her photography, well I will let them speak for themselves. Be prepared to be left with your mouth watering.....

Mildreds (2)Bonnie Gull (10)
Sign Of the Don (16)
Chotto Matte (8)

Voodooblues (27) Dirty Bones (13)

*All of the photographs in this post have been taken from the Heroine in Heels blog.